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Welcome to Lunar Literations!


Lunar Literations is your site for exceptional résumé and cover letter services. I look forward to individually crafting an impressive résumé for you or refining your current job search documents.

In today’s volatile job market, a superior résumé is essential.  Potential employers spend less than 6 seconds reviewing a résumé, and that is only after it survives the résumé scanning software.  You need a résumé that stands out from the crowd, a résumé that is position specific and a résumé that will get you the job!

I spend several hours a week tracking and reporting on job search trends.  I am the lead blogger/moderator for the Lunar Literations Job Search Blog, and I love helping job seekers pursue their dreams.  I know what employers look for in a résumé, and I know how to give it to them. 

While most people find composing résumés and cover letters daunting, I love the opportunity to highlight a person's accomplishments and accolades. As time passes, we often forget our "small" professional achievements, but résumés allow us an opportunity to look back on all that we have accomplished. It is a very positive experience, even if it is done during difficult times.

I look forward to working through this process with you and highlighting what makes you perfect for that new position.

Thank you,

Amanda Rens-Moon

Résumé and Cover Letter Specialist